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The best golf set for the beginners 2020

Golf is one of the most enjoyable sports, but sometimes it is too frustrating, especially for beginners. This might be because the beginner is practicing with the set, which is manufactured for professional, requiring more accuracy and less forgiveness for the bad connected shot. It happens because beginners usually start with a golf set of their friend or coach, or they get a set on rent, which is not the best fit for them, and after struggling with that golf set, they quit thinking they cannot play golf. Without owning a golf set, it is difficult for beginners to improve the game and bring seriousness in practice.

A good golf set is mandatory for beginners to master the game and gradually take it up to the next level and play tricky shots like fade, draw, backspin at will. A good set for beginners should have the following features :

  1. Less price
  2. High loft in irons and woods
  3. Broad sweet spot having extra forgiveness
  4. Lightness; so that the beginners improve their golf muscles gradually and can maintain their swing speed
  5. Graphite shaft
  6. Cavity back irons
  7. High degree adjustable woods
  8. An easy stroke putter
  9. Big club heads
  10. Hybrid clubs
  11. Woods and irons sets with extra carry

After research, we find The Callaway Ultimate Strata Golf Set best for the beginner golfers. It meets their needs in the best possible way. The sets which are specially designed for the beginners it has more technical advances and features. From putter to one wood, the beginners get all the want to start their golf journey. Having this set makes their time in practice range easy and more fruitful. It usually comes with a set of twelve clubs that include an iron set from number six to nine, two hybrid clubs, a pitching wedge, and a putter, one driver, and two fairway woods; three wood and five wood.

Ultimately you also need a golf glove humidor to store your gloves in. this makes them last longer and keep their shape and fit. The driver of Callaway Ultimate Strata golf set comes with twelve-degree loft along with titanium, which is easy to hit and control, and beginners start playing good shots after a few sessions in the driving range. The fairway woods have aerodynamic clubheads that are more forgiving and having extra loft and carry with a wide sweet spot. 4H and 5H hybrid clubs provide more control while playing from the fairway and deep rough areas. The iron set has a steel shaft with extra flex, and the head and shaft are well balanced to generate a smooth and easy swing. Relatively large faces and cavity back in the irons provide the extra carry and loft with much forgiveness for ill-connected strokes.

The putter comes with a 3.5-degree loft and produces a more precise stroke. If you are new to the field and want to play golf for a long time, The Callaway Ultimate Strata Golf Set is best for you.